At ClickJackpot, we believe for fair gaming both from gaming practices and user behavior perspective as well as from payouts and financial perspective.

Therefore, we have combined an additional set of rules, guidelines and information that each player has to follow when playing our games and using our services. This information is related and linked to Terms and Conditions - please study them carefully.


  1. Play and act fair to your fellow players. Do not harass or act irrespectively against any other player.
  2. Play and act in good faith. Do not cheat. Do not use automated tools or scripting to gain advantages to yourself. You will be fined, banned or suspended.
  3. Do not "overplay". Play in reasonable levels. Play with reasonable speed. Do not overspend clicks and your coins. Let other players play and click as well. Do not heavy load the game.
  4. Respect warnings and guidelines and information provided in the game, in our website or in our Facebook page. If you get warnings, act and fix your behavior. Don't get too many warnings.
  5. More House Gaming Rules will be added later. Come back soon!

Enjoy the game!